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I'm passionate electronic and mechanic designer, working for the last 5 years developing tools, software, parts and procedures to keep working this amazing robotic wheelchair.

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I would also like to add my recent very successful experience with Alejandro Goldsmith "The iBot Whisperer" to the iBot community. I had a very slow oil leak for the last 2 years that I thought was coming from one of my clusters. I was also having issues with my UCP. After reading all the positive reviews on Alejandro I decided to email him a little over 2 weeks ago. He responded immediately and began to diagnose the problems I was having. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the iBot, his patience in working with me and his determination in helping me fix my Bot. I have had my iBot for almost 12 years & it's extremely important to me. We discussed options and costs. Alejandro was very professional and understanding as to my needs. We decided it would work better for me if he would come to my home and do the work. One week later he arrived and immediately began to work on my Bot. Since it had not been serviced for many years I decided to have him do the full 5 & 10 year maintenance procedures and to repair/replace all working parts as needed. It took him 3 days to rebuild my UCP, change the seals and oil in my clusters and chassis as well as replace all brakes and replace the bearings in my caster wheels. My iBot is now working perfectly in all functions. It feels and sounds like new. It was a pleasure working with Alejandro and getting to know him. I am very happy to say I have made a new friend that I would highly recommend to any owner that needs info or help on their iBot.
Berni Kuntzelmann
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